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HCCA Backend Access

H1A The Privacy & Marketing Dream Team: Developing and Maintaining a Professional Relationship with Your Marketing Department and Why It Matters

H1B Compliance and Liability Considerations for Physicians and Organizations Employing Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners: A Review of Case Law and Complaints

H1C Exclusions

H1D How to Become a Data-Driven Compliance Professional

H1E Program Integrity Compliance & FWA Innovation Using Data Intelligence

H1F PDPM Year One: Insights from the Auditors

H1G Conducting a Rehab-Focused Risk Assessment: Identifying & Mitigating Your Risks

H1H Pandemics, Politics, and Value-Based Models, Oh My!

H1I The Roles of the Compliance Officer and the General Counsel

H1J Health Compliances Role in Multi-Unit, Cutting Edge AMC Investigations

H2A The Privacy Considerations of Interoperability

H2B Got Comparative Data? CBRs for Physicians/Other Outpatient Providers

H2C Anti-Kickback and Stark Law Developments: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?

H2D Congratulations New Compliance Officer and Risk Manager and Infection Control and Accreditation, and those Other Duties

H2E Self-Audits: Are You Looking at the Right Data?

H2F Laboratory Risk Assessment: The Top Risks and What to Audit

H2G Cost Effective and Practical Solutions to Compliance Risk Management

H2H Read (Hidden) Emotions: Know What Others are Thinking and Feeling

H2I 340B Drug Pricing Program: Recent Updates and Compliance Tips

H2J Oh No! What? Another Risk Assessment? A Fraud Risk Assessment

H3A Privacy Officer Roundtable: Part 1

H3B Physician Arrangements Compliance: Identifying, Assessing and Mitigating Physician Arrangements Risk

H3C Clinical Research v. Innovative Medical Treatment:  Understanding the Differences and Avoiding Unnecessary Risk

H3D Ways Leaders Can Engage in Compliance Leadership

H3E Achieving Revenue Cycle Success Through Compliance

H3F Executive Compensation in Nonprofit Healthcare Compliance Issues and Strategies

H3G Weathering the Compliance Storm Forecast for the Future!

H3H Understanding and Meeting Language Access Requirements for Services to LEP Persons

H3I Corporate Integrity Agreements: A Closer Look at How OIG and Providers Work with Independent Review Organizations

H3J Telehealth: Where Do We Go from Here? Insights from a Panel of Strategy, Operations and Compliance Leaders

H4A Privacy Officer Roundtable: Part 2

H4B Three Ways to Enhance Your Physician Compensation Review Process

H4C Lab Testing During the COVID Pandemic

H4D From Compliance Support to Compliance Officer: Making it to the Top of the Compliance Profession

H4E OIG Mandated Six-Year Look Back Audits

H4F COPS & OPS: Leveraging a Matrix Leadership Mindset to Achieve Compliant Operations in Hospice and Home Health

H4G Compliance Program Transformation: Opportunities, Strategies, and Creative Approaches

H4H The Evolution of FDR and Delegation Oversight: What are Health Plans Expecting of Their Providers?

H4I Evaluating and Executing Physician Practice Acquisitions in Today’s Market

H4J 42 CFR Part 2 In Complex Service Settings

General Compliance Session: Inclusive Intelligence in Practice: Lead Better by Recognizing, Understanding and Interrupting Your Unconscious Biases